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What does it take to become one of the leading experts in Search Engine Optimization in Victoria BC? Years of experience, a voracious drive to learn, and a combination of expensive tools and invaluable professional relationships. The modern Search Engine landscape demands a new approach to website promotion. The proper balance of social media cues, in-depth articles, regional traffic and on-site blogging and keyword distribution.

I started out a few years ago as a brand new freelance web designer in Victoria BC and had the same question as every other new business owner in the world…how do I get ranked higher in Google? Well, unlike most other small business owners I was able to devote many hours every week for months on end in an effort to find out.

Many companies large and small spend hundreds and thousands of dollars per month on long term contracts in order to make incremental gains and fight to keep them. I have focused The Rank Rocket on getting those gains for as little money as possible with gains that last.

 search engine optimization victoria bc

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