Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many links do I get per month?

A: The Most I Can Without Triggering The Google Algorithm’s Attention.
While The Rank Rocket is a monthly membership with no long-term contract, I do take a long-term view of building links to your site. Once your domain authority surpasses the 50/100 threshold you can pretty much do anything without getting a knock in the rankings. Until then, however, we must be careful to build your authority carefully and not over-do optimization or backlinking too quickly. The number of links back to your site will accelerate as the months pass as your domain authority increases.

Q: Can Using The Rank Rocket Harm My Google Ranking?

A: No.
If a Search Engine Optimization strategy is implimented correctly, it can only do you good. In the past it was not possible to harm your rankings with a backlinking strategy. The logic was that anyone could then mess with their competitor’s rank by builiding too many low-quality links to the competitor’s site. This kind of immunity led a lot of so-called ‘SEO Experts’ to get careless with their client’s ranking strategies. I spend a lot of time studying the latest information in the SEO community about what Google does and does not like in it’s algorithm so that you don’t have to worry.

Q: Does The Rank Rocket generate traffic to my site?

A: Yes.
The Rank Rocket is designed to boost your Google ranking. Your increase in web traffic will come from your Google rank. Having said that, you will get a few hits from your Rank Rocket social marketing.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: No.
The Rank Rocket is designed to create an ‘arc’ of article and social linking over the long term. Getting to the top of Google can take months, and maintaining your hard-fought-for rank is an ongoing process, however I do not believe in forcing a client to continue with my services when they no longer wish to.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Monthly.
We’ll set up an automatic secure monthly payment through PayPal on your credit card or PayPal account.

Q: When can I expect to see results

A: From 6 weeks to 6 months.
It really depends upon where we’re starting from. A brand new website with a domain that’s unknown to Google may take up to 8 months to get out of the “Sandbox”. While an established website ranking on the second page may see results immediately.

Q: Can you customize a campaign for me?

A: Yes.
My $200 per month fee is based on proven results and economy of scale. If you’d like to include article marketing, video campaigns, press release marketing or high-pr monthly linking I can do that for a custom fee

Q: Will The Rank Rocket get me to #1 on Google?

A: Maybe.
Nobody anywhere can guarantee you specific results. I always shoot for #1 ranking for each of my client’s key terms, I’m happy with top 3. I’m satisfied with top 10. Plus, the longer you remain a member, the higher your ranking will get.

Q: Do you monitor my link-building campaign?

A: Obsessively.
I have a suite of software tools that allow me to nail down your most effective key terms, what your competitors are up to, how many back-links you have to your site and what your rankings are for each of your key terms. I monitor daily what links are being built and what your Google ranking is for each of those terms. The truth is I like to see results and will do far more than I’m being paid for. I take a personal interest in each of my client’s success.

Q: Do I get a monthly report?

A: Yes.
You’ll get an initial report detailing:
-possible key terms to target with how many searches they receive per month
-current number of ‘do-follow’ back-links to your website
-current Google ranking for your final choice of key terms to market

You’ll get a monthly report detailing:
-current number of ‘do-follow’ back-links to your website
-current Google ranking for your final choice of key terms to market

Q: Do I get a specific list of where my links are?

A: No.
There are two reasons for this:

  1. Security. I have access to a number of networks of high quality blogs with great Google reputations where I am allowed to post articles containing your links. I am able to do this as long as word doesn’t get back to Google about it. Security.
  2. I build hundreds of links for many different clients and don’t want to spend my life creating lists of urls. Your first report will include a sampling of specific urls where you can visit your links.