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I have been using and refining The Rank Rocket system for about 6 months now. Many of my web design clients in Victoria BC had been asking me about different online marketing strategies including backlink building schemes, link-swapping partnerships, online yellow pages advertising and more.

I started out a few years ago as a brand new freelance web designer in Victoria BC and had the same question as every other new business owner in the world…how do I get ranked higher in Google? Well, unlike most other small business owners I was able to devote many hours every week for months on end in an effort to find out.

Many companies large and small spend hundreds and thousands of dollars per month on long term contracts in order to make incremental gains and fight to keep them. I have focused The Rank Rocket on getting those gains for as little money as possible with gains that last.

Clear Skin Victoria SEO Results

Online Marketing Victoria BC

Clear Skin Victoria is grabbing an average 140 new visitors per month with this #1 Google ranking!

Clear Skin Victoria Laser & Wellness Center provides all kinds of services related to skin care and holistic health in Victoria BC. We started with a brand new website and a brand new domain name in February 2011. While it does take time with a brand new site to gain traction, The Rank Rocket method of SEO shows proven results.

Where else will you find a graphic like this one? this is the actual rankings for the CSV Laser website as of March 28, 2012. Check out those bumps up to #1 and #2! The term ‘facial victoria’ is searched an average of 5,400 times per month. CSV Laser now nabs a big chunk of those potential customers.

Our next project was to get them ranked #1 for the term ‘Skin Care Victoria BC’. You’ll see on the attached graphic that with persistent work over a number of months or in some cases a number of weeks, we’ve seen a massive jump from #65 to #1! You must be prepared to see very little progress for what seems like ages, but you will always ultimately see major progress.

Pinetree Furniture Search Engine Marketing Results

Pinetree Furniture in Victoria BC came to me with pretty solid results for a number of highly competitive key terms…but they were stuck in the mud. They had tried everything from online Yellowpages ads to Google adwords to link-swapping schemes in order to gain a position or two in the rankings.

Pinetree Furniture’s SEO Results

Their Google rank for ‘furniture victoria’ for example had been stuck at #14 for months. In July of 2011 I went to work for them on this term and a few more. The graph above tells the remarkable tale. With predictable early instability they hit the #1 position in September and have stayed there ever since with no further work. Pinetree now has 18 key search terms in Google’s top 3 with 11 terms at #1!

Box 9 Web Design Victoria SEO Results

One of the toughest SEO challenges is for web designers to rank well in an ultra competitive sector presided over by SEO experts. In April 2011 I was stuck on the second page of Google results where no one could find me. Using The Rank Rocket my ranking blasted up to #2 within a couple of weeks and now I’m fighting for the #1 position instead of the #10 position.

Multiple #1 Search Results for Web Design in Victoria BC


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