Spinning text is a way to leverage the power of synonyms to provide unique content. ‘Spintax’ is written like this:

Unique content is important for SEO.

This sentence can be expressed many different ways by writing it like this:

{Unique|Distinctive|One of a kind} {content|information|material} {is|is definitely|is undoubtedly} {important|essential|crucial|critical} for {SEO|Search engine optimization|Search engine marketing}

When posted, one word from within each curly bracket is chosen at random to create a sentence which is unique in the eyes of Google.

For example, the above sentence will look like the following to the SE’s:

  • Unique content is definitely crucial for SEO
  • One of a kind material is definitely critical for Search engine marketing
  • Distinctive information is undoubtedly crucial for Search engine marketing
  • One of a kind material is essential for Search engine optimization
  • One of a kind content is undoubtedly crucial for Search engine optimization
  • Distinctive material is essential for Search engine marketing
  • Unique content is critical for SEO
  • Distinctive information is undoubtedly important for SEO

The permutations become endless when each paragraph, sentence and word is spun.  Each Rank Rocket Monthly SEO package requires one 500+ word super spun article, a super spun title, and a super spun description.

This allows all backlinks to your site to be not just related to your area of business, but also peppered with your keywords and branding.

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